Delivery Information

General delivery and payment conditions

These conditions belong to all the transactions between Dolce D and her customers.

1.1.    All offers are free and Dolce D keeps her right to change the prices especially when it is necessary for legal grounds.
1.2    Dolce D has the right to refuse an order or change the conditions when an order is refused. Dolce D is obliged to give notice between ten (10) working days after receiving the order.

Article 2 Prices and payments

2.1.    The prices of the articles and services are mentioned in euros including vat and excluding administration and delivery costs. if there are special extra costs, taxes or other Dolce D is obliged to give notice of it.
2.2.    Dolce D has the right to ask totally payment in advance when order or reservation is made. Between 10 days after sending our mail one is obliged to accept the reservation. The payment can be take place on (one of) the ways, as mentioned during the order proces. By bank or giro payment counts the date of receiving the amount on the account of Dolce D. 
2.3.    When prices of the offered articles are rising during the period between ordering and delivering you can cancel the order or cancel the agreement within ten (10) days after receiving the notification that the price is more than first.

Artikel 3    Delivery

3.1.    Dolce D will be delivered with great urgency, although within at least thirty (30) days after the order, however it can change if Dolce D give notice by mail. When delivery can't take place within a month after ordering Dolce D is obliged to give notice. After receiving the mail you can cancel the order or the agreement, although you have to give notice to Dolce D. You don't have the right for claims.
3.2.    Delivery is completed when the article is received by the person who did the order.
3.3.    Normally articles were be sent by registered post and costs are partly for Dolce D and partly for the customer, although it can be changed after consideration with Dolce D. 

Article 4    Complains and responsibility

4.1.    You are obliged to check the delivered goods at once after receiving. When there are faults in the products you are obliged to give notice between five (5) days after receiving, you have to explain the fault in writing and give us the opportunity to check the complain.
4.2.    When it is sure that there is a fault in the article Dolce D can replaced it for a new one or equal one. If this is not possible Dolce D is obliged to refund the amount of order. 
4.3.    When you, for which reason, want to cancel or return the goods, you have the right to return the goods to Dolce D within fourteen (14) days after delivery date or cancel the agreement. Return only will be accepted when the goods are undamaged and still in sealed package, send back with registered mail and if  Dolce D is notified by customer in advance. Dolce D is obliged do refund within fourteen (14)  days after receiving the goods or canceling the agreement.
4.4.    Exception for article 4.3 are briefs, thongs, pantybriefs, body's, bathing suits, bikini's and all other articles who may be in touch with special places of the body where exudation possible is. This is for hygienic considerations. Like is it mentioned on the site of our government with regard to returning / consideration time law. Exception of course is when article 4.2. applicable.

Article 5 Unavoidable casualty

5.1    Dolce D has the right, when it is a case of unavoidable casualty, to change the accomplishment of the order or to cancel it without legal rights. Customer don't have the right for claims.

Article 6    Miscellaneous

6.1    When delivery address is given to Dolce D, Dolce D is obliged to send all the ordered goods to this address, unless other address is given.
6.2.    Dolce D has the right to ask help of other parties for applicable of the order.
6.3.    Dolce D follows the general delivery conditions as mentioned by Mitex, the branch organization.
6.4.    All rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements are following the Dutch law.
6.5.    All differences with regard to deliveries, orders or this conditions, can be solved by the court in The Hague.
6.6.    When a customer makes an order or a reservation he announce that he is familiair with our delivery information and terms or conditions.

Article 7    Disagreement commission
7.1.    Disagreements can be handled as mentioned in the general delivery conditions of the Mitex as mentioned in article 6.4.
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